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Question   Are you the Virginia that I knew?
Are you Virginia Street Hughes? Whether you are or not, your work is lovely. However, if you are--Hi Virginia!

-  October 27, 2006

  Answer No, sorry, I'm not the person you have mentioned. But, thank you for your comment and for visiting my site. Please visit again.

- Virginia L. Hughes  November 01, 2006

  Answer other

- Rob Miller  June 05, 2011

  Answer Wow, your post makes mine look febele. More power to you!

- Lurraine Lurraine  July 20, 2011

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Question   insightful artistry
The composition and depth of field in your photography is wonderful. You have captured the natural grace and beauty in your landscape and nature photography, and connected with the inner spirit and joy of the people you have photographed. Great work.

-  May 12, 2006

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Question   Capturing Beauty
God has given you a special eye for beauty.Keep up the good work and follow your dreams with pictures. We are proud of you.

-  January 24, 2005

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Question   GREAT JOB!
I'm glad I found you web sight. I'm very proud of you. You are a great photographer. Keep up the good work.
-Stacey Melton

-  September 03, 2004

  Answer Thank you for your comments. Hope you visit often! I really am having fun with this...maybe it will be my retirement business.
Take care.

- Virginia L. Hughes  September 08, 2004

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Question   Beautiful
Beautiful, just beautiful.
Vicky Cole

-  August 25, 2004

  Answer Thank you so much for visiting my site. I will be adding new photos in the near future, so I hope you will visit again and often.
Could you tell me how you happened to visit my site, which search engine?
Thank you.

- Virginia L. Hughes  August 26, 2004

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Question   Artwork
Excellent artistry! Fantastic creativity! These photographs are true to the expression that a picture is worth a 1000 words!! Keep up the good work!

-  August 24, 2004

  Answer Art Exhibit:Calling All Artists, Calling All Artists!It's that time again to get ready for the next ..Survivors Art Exhibit.This is an art exhibit that will dislpay art by survivors of domestic, dating, sexual violence and child abuse. If you are a survivor and want an opportunity to dislpay your work in a meaningful way, consider submitting up to 2 works for this important show. All mediums are acceptable Including painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, textile and written work. Art may be dislpayed anonymously at the request of the Artist.NO ART WORK WILL BE SOLD.THE EXHIBIT IS FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. OPENING: July 13th, 2012. Art Submission deadline: June 29th, 2012. For more information or guidelines for work please call 325-4447 or email Elizabeth at . Or check out our Facebook page. The show is sponsored by The Lee Conlee House Domestic Violence Center & the Larimer Art Center.

- JoJo JoJo  May 13, 2013

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Question   Your site!
Hi Virginia! I followed a link from betterphoto to get here and I'm glad I did. GREAT photographic work you have on display.

-  July 19, 2004

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